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Free Resources

Halloween Tips for Children with Sensory Processing Challenges

Halloween can be very overwhelming for children with sensory processing challenges. With special planning for your child’s needs and preferences, Halloween can be enjoyable. This FREE Printable handout will provide tips and tools to use during the Halloween season.

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Shapes Scarecrow Craft

Fall themed Scarecrow Craft! This adorable craft is a great way to help younger children learn shapes while practicing tracing and scissor use skills. Older children can be expected to plan, sequence, and execute the steps needed to complete this adorable scarecrow. Print the FREE Template Here!

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Sensory Fun! Puffy Paint Monster & Ghost

Caution! Ghost & Monster Crossing! Do you know a child that needs the opportunity to explore and create with their fingers and hands? If so, this Puffy Paint Tactile recipe is the answer! This high quality PDF includes Puffy Paint Recipe, as well as a Monster and Ghost image to decorate.

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Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills involve the use of precise and coordinated movements of the fingers to perform hand use tasks.


Bilateral Coordination

Bilateral Coordination involves the ability to use both sides of the body at the same time.


Visual Perception

Visual Peception is the vision skills needed to understand, evaluate, and interpret what is seen.


Visual Motor Integration

Visual Motor Integration is the coordination of hand movements based upon the perception of visual information.


Sensory Processing

Sensory Processing refers to the way a person’s nervous system receives sensory messages and turns them into adaptive or functional responses.



Handwriting is a complex process of recording language by hand, often by using paper and a pen or pencil.


Executive Functioning

Executive Function is a term used to describe the many tasks one's brain performs that are necessary to think, act, and solve problems.


Self Care / Life Skills

Self Care and Life Skills include the various ADLs and IADLs that a child performs.


Gross Motor

Gross Motor Skills involve the use of large muscles groups for the performance of functions such as walking, running, jumping, riding a bike and playing sports.


Caseload Management

Comprehensive resources for clinic and caseload management.


Caregiver Education & Team Collaboration

Comprehensive caregiver education and resources for use when collaborating with others.


Holidays / Seasons / Themes

This section will offer fun and exciting resources for various holidays, seasons, and themes.

Welcome to Tools To grow!

Providing valuable tools to help with the most important job there is … helping children grow!

Welcome to Tools to Grow! We are so excited you are here!  Our mission is to provide valuable tools to therapists, educators, special needs teachers, and parents/caregivers to help with the most important job there is … helping children grow! Tools to Grow, Inc. is a place to share ideas and inspire others with engaging print and go resources, activities, handouts, worksheets, and educational material. For a modest yearly investment, your FULL PREMIUM Membership allows you access to thousands of high quality materials. FREE LIMITED Membership offers free access to the same high quality, yet fewer resources. 

Members will obtain affordable, yet highly effective and engaging material for use during direct treatment, assessment, consultation, and clinic management. Tools to Grow, Inc. offers comprehensive resources that target the diverse needs of children. This includes skill areas such as fine motor, sensory processing and self-regulation, handwriting, visual perceptual, visual motor integration, self care, life skills, bilateral coordination, executive functioning, and gross motor.  

Tools to Grow, Inc. is an innovative membership-based website unique to the field of Occupational Therapy. Prolonged and time consuming searching for resources will be a thing of the past for our members! Members will gain comprehensive caregiver and staff resources when collaborating with others and managing their caseload. This includes assessment checklists, documentation shortcuts, response to intervention records, early intervention, and common core/curriculum aligned products.