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Bilateral Coordination

Bilateral Coordination

Bilateral Coordination is the ability to use both sides of the body at the same time. This includes using both sides at the same time for the same action, such as using a rolling pin. It also includes using the same action at alternate times, such as walking. Finally, it includes the ability to use different sides of the body for dissimilar movements such as holding the paper down when writing. 

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Using folding resources to address Occupational Therapy intervention to address  bilateral coordination.


Looking for a creative way to address folding skills? This is your answer! The benefits of bending and creasing paper while producing a simple project include:


Fold, CUT, & Draw - Spring

Folding Posted: 04.21.2020

Includes 7 Versions! Fold the paper in half down the middle dotted line. Cut on the black outer lines. Open the paper to reveal the Spring design. Includes: Frog, Bird house, Tulip, Flower, Chick, Lady bug, and Butterfly.

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Volcano & Dinosaur

Folding Posted: 11.15.2014

Print out and Color Volcano and dinosaur worksheets. Follow the instructions to assemble your volcano. Glue volcano onto the dinosaur scene as indicated to complete your 3-D picture!

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Prince Crown

Folding Posted: 05.28.2014

Color a prince and crown. Cut out and then fold crown on the dotted lines down behind crown. Glue onto prince head where the “x” marks are and attach his crown!

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Princess Crown

Folding Posted: 05.20.2014

Color a princess and crown. Cut out and then fold crown on the dotted lines down behind crown. Glue onto princess head where the “x” marks are and attach her crown!

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