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Bilateral Coordination

Bilateral Coordination

Bilateral Coordination is the ability to use both sides of the body at the same time. This includes using both sides at the same time for the same action, such as using a rolling pin. It also includes using the same action at alternate times, such as walking. Finally, it includes the ability to use different sides of the body for dissimilar movements such as holding the paper down when writing. 

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Using Paper Clips

These resources require a child to manipulate paper clips in a fun and creative manner! Developing this skill will have a positive impact on a child’s bilateral integration, motor planning, and spatial awareness for determining how to interlock the clips.  


Paper Clip Sequencing Cards

Using Paper Clips Posted: 05.28.2014

15 Paper Clip Sequencing Cards included! Attach colored paper clips together to match the color sequence on the sequencing cards.

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Bilateral Coordination - Paper Clip Balloons

Using Paper Clips Posted: 05.19.2014

Using paperclips, clip together the number of paperclips for the corresponding number on each balloon.

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