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Holidays / Seasons /Themes

Holidays / Seasons /Themes

This section will offer fun and exciting resources for various holidays, seasons, and themes.

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April Showers

Rain, Rain, Go Away! April Showers bring May Flowers!!

If I Blew Away on a Rainy Day ....

April Showers Posted: 05.13.2014

Black and White printing and coloring page. Students must complete the sentence "If I blew away on a rainy day ..." Boy and Girl Versions included with 2 different sized lined paper for each version.

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Rain Drop Fun!

April Showers Posted: 04.12.2016

Place this high Quality PDP in a clear protector sleeve. Place water in a small container and add a drop or 2 of dye (food coloring) to make the water change color. Using an eye dropper, drop water on the rain drops.

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Rainy Day - Pattern & Cut

April Showers Posted: 03.11.2015

Rain Rain Go Away!! This 6 page Rainy Day Themed PDF packet includes high quality images. Cut out all the squares and glue in the correct place to extend the patterns. Includes three levels of difficulty. Level One also involves coloring the sequence! Targets sequencing, patterns, motor planning, and scissor skills in one great activity!!

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Rainy Day Color Patterns

April Showers Posted: 03.23.2015

Complete the patterns by coloring the rainy day items in each worksheet. This is a 3 PAGE PDF!

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