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Holidays / Seasons /Themes

Holidays / Seasons /Themes

This section will offer fun and exciting resources for various holidays, seasons, and themes.

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Easter themed Activities, Games, Coloring Sheets, Ideas, and Resources.


EGG-Tastic Fun!! Here you will find a variety of Easter themed Activities, Ideas, and Resources. 

Wishing you all a HOPPY Easter!!! 

Alphabet Practice - Easter Eggs

Easter Posted: 03.11.2015

This 3 PAGE PDF is a great way to practice and assess a child's ability to print both upper and lower case letters. Write the missing uppercase letters in the Easter Eggs.

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Bunny Hop! Gross Motor Game

Easter Posted: 03.28.2015

This Game helps children improve their gross motor skills, endurance, motor planning skills, direction following, execution of a sequence, number skills, memory, and turn taking abilities. The child’s goal is to move their token from the “Start” to “Finish” point (Bunny Hole) on the game board. The child will first pretend to be a Bunny. Next, the child will pretend to be one of the Forest Friends he/she meets while hopping through the forest. The Bunny will also collect carrots on his journey to the Bunny Hole. This is a 10 PAGE High Quality PDF!

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EGG-Cited for Easter!

Easter Posted: 03.17.2015

Ruler Skills Practice! This 5 PAGE PDF is a great bilateral coordination activity. Use your ruler and connect the dots. Includes 4 versions: Connecting left side to right, Connecting Uppercase with Lowercase letters, Connect numbers in order from 1 - 10, and Connecting number in order from 1 - 18.

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EGG-tastic Fun! Packet

Easter Posted: 03.11.2015

This 20 PAGE PDF is sure to be EGG-tastic Fun!!! This Packet is a fun Easter Egg Theme! Includes Roll & Color; Roll, Add, & Color; Form Constancy - How Many Easter Eggs? - Level 1 & Level 2; The Dot Game: Instructions, Score Card, Level One & Level Two; Visual Discrimination (Different & Same)- Level 1 & 2; Matching Fun! Black/White & Color Versions; Pattern & Cut - Level 1 & 2, Handwriting Level 1 & 2, Pre-Writing - Level 1 & Level 2

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EGG-tastic Pre-Writing Stroke Formation

Easter Posted: 03.19.2015

This 5 PAGE PDF includes 2 levels of Pre-Writing Stroke Formation Practice. Follow the instructions to decorate the Easter Eggs!

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HOPPY Easter - Color by Number

Easter Posted: 03.22.2015

This is a 5 PAGE PDF that includes 4 different Color by Number Versions with an Easter Bunny Theme. HOPPY Easter!!!

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