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Social Skills

Social Skills

Social Skills refers to effective interaction and communication with others. It is necessary for developing and keeping friendships and other relationships. Well developed skills allow children to “fit in” and be accepted by their community.  

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Social Skills Games

These non-competitive games allow children the opportunity to:


“CAN I TAKE YOUR ORDER?”: Menu Ordering Activity

Social Skills Games Posted: 11.27.2018

The perfect IADL/Social Skills/Executive Functioning Skills Game! Includes three menus, “Menu Money” (Canadian and American Currency), and Guest Check form. The “ordering” student(s) is given the opportunity to select and read a given menu. The “taking the order” student is provided with a pencil and Guest Check form to record the menu item(s) selected and the cost.

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Charades - Social Interaction Game

Social Skills Games Posted: 12.31.2017

Addresses: Motor Planning, Turn Taking, Interpreting Facial Expressions & Body Actions, and Improving Social Interactions. Use only movements to perform the actions required to help the others guess the phrase or word on the Charade card. The child uses his acting skills and imagination to depict what is written on the card without using any verbal communication. This is a 27 PAGE High Quality PDF! Includes detailed Instructions, Game Spinner, and Game Cards. All you need to do is print and go!

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Let's Ask a Friend: Surveys!

Social Skills Games Posted: 04.22.2018

The PERFECT Social Skills Activity! This activity is designed to promote development in the following areas: Social Skills, Visual Motor Skills, and Making new friends! 10 Surveys Included!

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Rules to Follow: Board Games

Social Skills Games Posted: 11.03.2018

Includes 2 Posters: Color and Black/White Ink Friendly Versions! Includes 7 Rules to Follow when Playing Board Games.

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