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Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning

Executive Function is a term used to describe the many tasks one's brain performs that are necessary to think, act, and solve problems. Executive functioning includes tasks that help us learn new information, remember and retrieve information we've learned in the past, and use this information to solve problems of everyday life. A child's executive functioning skills make it possible for him or her to function in a manner consistent for the child’s age.

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Occupational Therapy resources that address Executive Functioning skills in the area of working memory.

Working Memory

Skills that help a child keep information in mind while using that information to complete a task. Working memory allows a child to pay attention, plan ahead, solve problems, and organize. Intact working memory is important for classroom lessons such as math calculations, opening a combination locker, and recalling the sequence of a story. The benefits of these resources include promotion of the following skills:



Let's Go to the Market! A Working Memory Game

Working Memory Posted: 10.24.2020

Let's Go to the Market! The child’s goal is to correctly retrieve all the grocery items as requested by the adult. This 18 PAGE High Quality PDF Includes: (1) Detailed Instructions and Game Variations, (2) Grocery Store Cards: These cards depict items that can be purchased at a store/market (42 in total), and (3) Game Board Shopping Cart (5 different versions included).

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Take a Picture with Your Mind!

Working Memory Posted: 10.17.2015

The purpose of this game is for the child to correctly draw and color as directed by the picture cards. This 6 PAGE High Quality PDF Includes: (1) Detailed Instructions, (2) Picture Cards - 3 sets for a total of 18 cards, and (3) Game Board - This is where the child draws the picture depicting what was read.

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