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Self Care / Life Skills

Self Care / Life Skills

Self Care and Life Skills involve the most important occupations children learn as they grow. These skills are encompassed in the child's Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs). ADL skills include upper and lower extremity dressing, toilet hygiene and bowel/bladder management, bathing and showering, personal hygiene/grooming, eating and feeding, functional mobility, and sleep and rest. IADL occupations are more complex than ADL skills and are vital to children and young adults to prepare for independent living. These activities are needed to participate independently in home, school, community, and work environments. IADL skills include meal preparation, community mobility, health maintenance, home management (clothing care, cleaning), shopping, and care of others and pets.

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Oral-motor skills refer to the movement of the muscles of the face (e.g., mouth, jaw, tongue, and lips).

These fun resources are designed to:




Go Home Monster! Oral Motor Sorting Game

Oral-Motor Posted: 05.05.2021

This monster themed game is designed to promote the development of oral motor, eye-hand coordination, and visual perception skills.

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Igloo Flurry - Oral Motor Game

Oral-Motor Posted: 12.14.2018

This 5 page PDF includes detailed instructions, visual instructions to assemble igloo, igloo, and score board. This is a great winter Oral Motor Game your kids will love!

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Apple Oral Motor Game

Oral-Motor Posted: 10.25.2018

Includes Detailed Instructions, Score Board, Game Flicker/Spinner, and Three Apple Baskets.

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