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Handwriting is a complex process of recording language by hand, often by using paper and a pen or pencil. The production of legible and efficient handwriting requires intact skills in the areas of postural control, eye hand coordination, visual perception, fine motor control, ocular control, and pencil grasp. A child’s handwriting abilities have significant influence on their academic performance.

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Printing Practice

These fun and creative materials provide greater exposure and more opportunities for handwriting. Children will find these resources entertaining! These worksheets are great to share with families.



Let's Talk! Sentence Starters

Printing Practice Posted: 05.26.2021

Sentence starter cards that can be used to help children improve their ability to converse with others and share with others. Re-write and complete the sentence by filling in the blanks.

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Write a Sensible Sentence

Printing Practice Posted: 05.14.2021

Pick from the given letters to complete the words to make a sensible sentence. Next, copy the sentence.

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All about my Name

Printing Practice Posted: 04.14.2021

I can print my name!

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Summer ABC Order - PRINT

Printing Practice Posted: 05.19.2020

Cut out the Summer words. Put in ABC order. Print each word on the page. 7 Versions Included.

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Cryptogram Spring Riddle Fun! Printing Practice

Printing Practice Posted: 04.29.2020

To find the answer print the letter on the correct line. Includes 5 Versions!

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Word Scramble!

Printing Practice Posted: 04.23.2020

This activity is a great way to practice printing. Unscramble the letters in the word list to form the correct word that belongs in each sentence. Topics include: What do we Do in OT? Animal Facts, and Science Facts.

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Let's Make Words!

Printing Practice Posted: 04.09.2020

Cut out each tile. Arrange the tiles to make 3-Letter and 4-Letter words. Print each word. Use the numbers on the tiles to add up the total score. Do your best to get the highest sore!

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If I Blew Away on a Rainy Day ...

Printing Practice Posted: 03.25.2020

Black and White printing and coloring page. Students must complete the sentence "If I blew away on a rainy day ...". 3 Versions included with 3 different sized lined paper for each version. Also includes Handwriting Rules Checklist!

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Gratitude & Notes of Encouragement

Printing Practice Posted: 06.17.2019

One way for students to practice mindfulness is to write a note of gratitude or encouragement to another person. Includes 18 ENCOURAGEMENT CARDS & 12 GRATITUDE CARDS.

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The Milky Way Galaxy FUN Page!

Printing Practice Posted: 05.16.2019

This Fun Printing Practice Space Page Includes: (1) Unscramble these planet names, and (2) Fill in the blanks to find the answers to the questions.

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Name Through the Year - Editable!!

Printing Practice Posted: 07.22.2017

This is a Quick and Organized way to monitor change & progress with handwriting, and track student's ability to print their name throughout the school year. Simply have the child print their name each month on the indicated line, starting with September through to June . This 5 PAGE PDF includes 2 Versions: 3-Lined Paper, and Single Lined Paper. Editable! Type directly into form to add the year/school year.

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Handwriting Worksheets - Cover Page, Binder Spines & Rules

Printing Practice Posted: 11.09.2016

Organize all your handwriting worksheets! This high quality colored PDF includes a Title Page, Binder Spines, and Handwriting Rules that coordinate with Letter Formation & Printing Practice Worksheets.

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Riddle Fun!

Printing Practice Posted: 05.02.2016

This is a 10 Page High Quality PDF that includes 9 different Handwriting Riddles. To find the answer follow the directions to write the letters or words on the correct line. A great way to practice handwriting!

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Make a List Worksheets

Printing Practice Posted: 09.23.2015

Updated! Encourage handwriting by writing a list on a variety of topics. This is a 27 PAGE PDF!! Topics include: Make a List Pet Store, Farm, Forest, Things in OT, Sports, and Toys! Each category/theme is organized into 4 levels based on the printing level of the student.

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Make a List: Monster School!

Printing Practice Posted: 09.14.2015

This is a great handwriting activity with a fun Monster School Theme! Encourage handwriting by writing a list on all the things a Monster would bring to School! This 7 PAGE PDF includes Handwriting Rules and four different lined paper versions.

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Binder Organization - Handwriting Skills

Printing Practice Posted: 07.25.2015

FREE Binder Cover & Binder Spines for all your Handwriting and Printing Practice paper resources! Organize Handwriting printable resources in a binder with this High Quality Binder Cover sheet and Spine.

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All About Me - Handwriting Prompts

Printing Practice Posted: 07.21.2015

Get to know your students skills and learn about them all at the same time! This "All about Me" file includes 5 PAGES of writing prompts. 2 different Versions included (both 3-Lined Paper and Single Lined Paper of each version). Great tool to learn likes and interests of students new to your caseload.

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Printing Practice Posted: 01.01.2015

Cryptograms are a great handwriting practice activity. This is a 10 PAGE PDF file that is sure to be a Handwriting Hit!!! This packet includes 9 Cryptograms, which include a phrase or fact that has been encrypted by letter substitution. Topics Include: Animal Facts, Handwriting Facts, Scissor Skills Facts, and Geography Facts. Included is various levels of difficulty and skill level.

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Handwriting: Make a List - Summer FREE Version

Printing Practice Posted: 07.05.2014

Encourage handwriting by writing a list on all the fun things you do in the summer! 4 different lined paper versions included.

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Handwriting - What do we do in OT?

Printing Practice Posted: 05.22.2014

Writing prompt with various lined paper on the topic "What Do We Do In OT?"

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