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Bilateral Coordination

Bilateral Coordination

Bilateral Coordination is the ability to use both sides of the body at the same time. This includes using both sides at the same time for the same action, such as using a rolling pin. It also includes using the same action at alternate times, such as walking. Finally, it includes the ability to use different sides of the body for dissimilar movements such as holding the paper down when writing. 

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Using lacing resources as an Occupational Therapy intervention to address bilateral coordination.


These resources require a child to pass a string or similar cord through eyelet holes following a specified pattern (such as up through one hole and down through the next hole). Developing this skill will have a positive impact on a child’s bilateral integration, as well as improving motor planning for recalling and executing a sequence of movements.


Fine Motor Activity: Leaf Lacing

Lacing Posted: 09.21.2016

Cut out and color leaf. Use a hole punch to punch out each black dot and colored yarn to complete the lacing pattern as instructed. This 3 PAGE PDF includes detailed assembly instructions and 4 different leaf patterns.

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Baseball Lacing Card

Lacing Posted: 09.28.2014

This is sure to be a home run! Kids of all ages will have fun lacing this baseball cutout to make the stitching on the ball.

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Lacing - Animal Cards

Lacing Posted: 06.05.2014

Each animal lacing worksheet is a 4 step motor task! Color, then cut out each animal. Punch holes and then lace around each animal.

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Up/Down Lacing Instruction

Lacing Posted: 06.04.2014

Use this full page color poster to explicitly teach lacing with an up/down lacing technique.

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Lacing - Paths!

Lacing Posted: 05.17.2014

Cut out lacing cards, punch holes, and lace! Use yarn, ribbon, etc. to lace each card in an up and down pattern in order from left to right or in order of the #’s.

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