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Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills involve the use of precise and coordinated movements of the fingers to perform hand use tasks. Fine motor skills are necessary for completing daily tasks such as dressing (using buttons/zippers), feeding (using mealtime utensils), being a student (using a pencil, keyboard, or scissors), and leisure/play activities (drawing, playing many musical instruments). 

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Arches of the Hand

The arches of the hand are the muscular and skeletal structures that allow hand flattening and cupping. The arches direct skilled movements of the fingers and grade the power of the fingers. Well developed hand arches provide an important balance between hand mobility and stability. The hand is considered to have two sides. One side is known as the “power or stability” side (ring and little finger). The “skill or mobility” side is the index and middle fingers working precisely in opposition to the thumb. Intact hand arches provide the foundation for individual finger movements. 

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Fingerprint Painting

Arches of the Hand Posted: 05.16.2019

Use pad of finger to dab paint on the images. Try a different color on each finger! 4 Different Versions Included.

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Q-Tip/Pointer Finger Art

Arches of the Hand Posted: 03.04.2018

Decorate the Flowers using a Q-Tip of Pointer Finger. 5 Versions Included!

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