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Literacy & Communication

Literacy & Communication

Simply put, literacy is the ability to read and write. Research indicates that a child’s reading capabilities affect their academic performance. So as to promote literacy, children should be given ongoing exposure to children’s literature. This literature is written for the information and entertainment of children and young adults.

Communication includes the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information through speech, gesture, behavior, symbols, and/or written materials. Effective communication is highly significant for learning, building relationships, and succeeding in life. Communication between people may be verbal or non-verbal.

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Letter Awareness

Letter Awareness is the ability to identify individual written letters. Once children are able to identify printed letters, they develop the ability to identify entire words. Letter knowledge enables a child to recognize all the letters of the alphabet, in both capital letter and lowercase form, and to know the names and sounds of each. 

Literacy Theme Packet: Letters

Letter Awareness Posted: 12.02.2019

This is a 45 Page Letters/Alphabet Theme Packet. Accompanying Resources Include: Dexterity Card Circular, Alphabet Puzzles, Alphabet Scanning, Grid Mazes: Alphabet Path, Dough Mats Upper Case Letters A-Z, Overlapping Letters, Push-Pin & Rubber Band Matching, Print UC & LC Letters, UC & LC Cards Aa-Zz. Find this 45 PAGE Packet Here!!!

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