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Visual Motor Integration

Visual Motor Integration

Visual Motor Integration is the coordination of hand movements based upon the perception of visual information. It is the execution of hand movements guided by what the child is seeing.  

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Copy Shapes

Shape reproduction is an important milestone that signifies that a child is developing pencil control and spatial relation skills. Drawing shapes is the first step in learning how to draw more complicated objects. 


Copy Shapes - Food Structures

Copy Shapes Posted: 04.07.2020

Make shapes out of pretzel sticks/toothpicks and mini marshmallows.

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Craft Stick Shapes - Printable Cards

Copy Shapes Posted: 11.15.2015

Print these Shape Cards on cardstock and/or laminate for durability. Using colored Craft or Popsicle sticks, the child must match the card to create the shape. Great for color and shape recognition! Includes Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Diamond, and Rhombus Shapes!

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Copy Shapes

Copy Shapes Posted: 07.12.2015

This is a 7 PAGE PDF! Copy Shapes - Quick and easy tools! This packet includes the Developmental appropriate level of progression. Includes Horizontal Lines, Vertical Lines, Diagonal Lines, Circle, Cross, Square, Triangle, Horizontal Diamond, Hexagon, and Pentagon.

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